Photography: São Victor por uma lente (contest), Braga, Portugal

April 20, 2018

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In celebration of the International Day of Museums and Monuments, the Junta de Freguesia of São Victor, in Braga, decided to make a ceremony of opening of an exhibition. It’s about the photographic contest it has organized. The challenge was to take pictures to São Victor’s heritage in a certain week of February. Later, the organization decided to let people take pictures in one week of March, due to the bad weather, but I participated with my original choice.



The same ceremony also served as an award ceremony. The winners were announced and prizes were given. The first prize went to Francieli Castro, for the picture Sete Fontes (água bebdouro). She also received a honorary mention. As for me, I received a honorable mention thanks to my picture Pray For Us (Alminhas da Igreja de S. Victor), for the use of cold colors and its framing.

You can see the exhibition in:

Junta de Freguesia de São Victor – Braga

Schedule: 9h00 – 12h30 / 14h00 – 17h30    Monday to Friday






Me and the pictures I took:


Serpent of Water (Sete Fontes):

House of Water (Sete Fontes):

Pray for Us (Alminhas na Igreja de S. Victor) – the one that gave me the award:


Some of the participants:

Francieli Castro foi a vencedora da 1.ª edição do Concurso de Fotografia “S. Victor por uma Lente” subordinado ao tema…

Posted by Junta de Freguesia de S. Victor – Braga on Sunday, April 22, 2018

Francieli Castro vence Concurso de Fotografia ‘S. Victor por uma Lente’

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