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July 21, 2018

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I’ve been away from my writing routine and I’m very sorry for that. I’m in a new job, with different schedules from week to week and I’ve been focused in my Chinese language exam (HSK 3) that I did last Sunday. Now that I have the time, I want to talk about my running experiences.

I started running because I like to keep an healthy lifestyle and after my inscription in the gym ended, I decided to run through Braga and to participate in running races. Since the beginning of June that I focused only in the races. Before that, I did several exercises at the gym, so I felt I was prepared to give it a start by choosing 10km at EDP Running Wonders in Guimarães, in 24th of June. It was hard due to the heat and the trail was a bit difficult. I’m proud that I was able to finish the race, I started alone but in the end I ran with other people, which helped me a lot and I finish earlier than I thought!

After this one I ran in the Trail Urbano Muralhas de Valença (TUMV), an urban trail in the walls and historic centre of Valença. I chose 8km for a start, since it was my first time in a trail and they are harder than running races. I ended up in the last place, I felt ill during the race, I felt pain in my knee and my right foot and the heat made me walk more than I thought I was going to. After finishing the race I discovered that my foot got a problem and now I’m recovering from it. For now, I’m taking a break in participating in races, but who knows the future?



Last Sunday I tried to participate in a trail for the 1st time. I tried 8km. It was pretty rough and much harder than I was expecting. Besides the difficulties in the terrain, I also had problems with enduring the heat, maintaining my breathing at the same pace and I got a problem in a knee and a foot. I'm not ashamed to say that I got in the last place, I'm not very happy with my results but I'm proud that I was able to finish, even though I went through pain and difficulties in breathing. From this point on, I don't know if in the future I'll try other trails, for now I'm resting my body so I can recover. The future will bring answers. #anightingalesingsblog #tumv #trailurbanomuralhasdevalença #valença #visitportugal

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