My Road Trip: Aveiro, Portugal

April 30, 2018

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On my last road trip, one of the Portuguese cities I explored was Aveiro. I already knew what to see, since it was the second time I went there. I had a plan of what I wanted to see with my boyfriend. We wanted to discover the historic center and more of Aveiro’s history. Therefore, we decided to visit museums and to walk on foot inside the city center. As a plus for our tour, we went in the moliceiro for a ride.

I love Aveiro for being a modern city allied with the traditional buildings that once were related to salt, the main economy force for centuries. It’s a land inhabited since the sea went backwards and “offered” the land to our country. The people from Aveiro once suffered a lot from diseases thanks to the sea coming and going. Nowadays you have the channels through the city, which makes Aveiro special and unique in our country. It’s so nice to see the traditional boats being used for tourism which maintains their life. Aveiro is also the city of Art Noveau and tiles, the buildings in the center are very beautiful and a joy to the eye.

What to see in Aveiro:

  • Sé de Aveiro
  • Museu de Aveiro (Aveiro Museum)
  • Museu da Cidade de Aveiro (City of Aveiro Museum)
  • Estação antiga (the old train station)
  • Museu da Arte Nova (Art Noveau Museum)
  • Beira-mar area
  • Parque Infante D. Pedro or Jardim da Macaca (Monkey Garden) the garden you can see below:

And don’t forget to enjoy a ride in the traditional boats of Aveiro, called moliceiros.

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