Travel: Pico Sacro, Galicia, Spain

September 25, 2016

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The last time I went to Santiago de Compostela, in August, I also went to Pico Sacro, to see Santiago from other perspective. I knew Pico Sacro from legends related to Santiago himself but I didn’t know how far from Santiago de Compostela it would be. It’s a small mountain (only 500 meters above sea). In English Pico Sacro means Holy Peak and the view you have from there you can really call it sacred.

You can go to the peak by car, it’s only 1 hour from Santiago to go there. You can follow the directions on the road and if you don’t see Pico Sacro follow Santa Susana, it’s on the same way. To go to the top you need to go on foot at a certain point. It has stairs, so it’s a easy ride. I advise you to take water with you because it’s really hot up there if it’s a sunny day. You see Santiago as a small place and the cathedral it’s so small, like 2 needles together. But it’s a good place where you can contact nature and get away from the urban confusion. You can also see some remains of a medieval tower on the top.

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