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November 27, 2017

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I want to share my thoughts about Start Up at the University of Minho, Braga. This was a job fair that occured between 14th and 16th of November, some days ago. I went there because I’m unemployed and I’m looking for a job in my fields of interest: Tourism and Digital Marketing. As you may think, I had some hope about this event, I was hoping to find some opportunity for me. The Start Point event had a place where some companies from Braga and the region had a stand where we could speak to someone from that company in order to see what type of company is and what job opportunities it offers. It had a nice program, in the sense that it had workshops to learn about how to find a job or how to be entrepreneur or how to create a company.

What I thought about it: it has so many things to change! The workshops were great, I enjoyed specially the one I saw from Pedro Silva-Santos but I also met Factory Braga and learnt how to create a company by Edit Value. Even so, I would change the duration of the job fair. I mean, you had one day with workshops only! Where were the companies? Oh, but wait! You had to go to University of Minho 2 days if you wanted to see all companies that where making part of it! It doesn’t make any sense,  specially if you consider that unemployed people can’t spend money and it’s pointless to oblige people to go 2 or 3 days to get the full program. Why didn’t they manage to have all companies in the 3 days of the program?

And worst than that: even if a person from a company went there just for 1 day, you could see them with what Portuguese call “cara de frete”. They were there because they were forced to it. And they showed that in your face. Another thing: everybody wanted programmers. Seriously! Go some other place! Speak to the University teachers and get students to work with you! I went there because I love marketing and tourism and I got frustrated after speaking to everybody and they were all about programmers. And I went 2 days to the university to witness this! I even got angry with the Prozis brand. I was a fan of them, now I hate the company and I want everybody to know why. I went to speak with a girl who was in the stand and I told her my feedback about the 3 times I’ve sent my Curriculum to them. I never got an answer and I told her that. She said they couldn’t change that because they “receive hundreds of applications”. Okay, I just said that they coucreate an email text for all people that weren’t selected and send and she was like “oh, but then you would receive a message that you see it’s copy and paste and you wouldn’t like our company after that”. I said “no, because that is better than not receiving anything”. She then said that if I didn’t receive anything I didn’t went to stage 2, because everybody that goes to that stage receive feedback, good or bad. I just got angry and I said that I don’t understand how a person with 3 years of experience in online stores wasn’t selected for an interview or isn’t working for them (speaking about me). She answered me: that’s because we have all people in the country that have that experience. I can’t believe that. But okay, you got what you wanted, you pissed me off, you made me never wanting to work with Prozis and wishing the worst for the brand. What a joke this event was!


Start Point UM

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