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December 14, 2017

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Hi! Thankfully, right now I’m working. It’s a temporary job, but I’m enjoying it and I’m happy for the opportunity I got. I’m working in a Lacoste store in Braga’s historic center. I have already worked in 3 online stores, now I’m gaining experience in a physical store.

I am a tour guide, so I like to be I in touch with people. Even though currently I’m not making tours, since it’s winter, at least I’m still communicating to people everyday and also obtaining experience in customer care and in how to place clothes and accessories in a store in order to appeal visually to our customers.

I’m also enthusiastic about Lacoste because even though I have never bought products from this brand, I was offered some clothes years ago and I fell in love with the brand and the crocodile. I love tennis and I already played tennis, so I feel emotionally connected with Lacoste. I wish that one day I can become a customer myself, because it’s worth it in Lacoste. Customers who create an account receive crocodiles (points). When they achieve 500 they receive 30€ of discount in any piece they buy and at the 1000 points they receive a polo shirt. It’s a good offer.

Right now, since it’s Christmas time, I’m also learning to wrap Christmas presents with elegance and glamour. If you come to Braga, please go to Largo de São João de Souto to visit the store!

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