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May 18, 2016

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I come here to talk to you about my last campaign for Youzz. I was invited to try La Roche‘s products for dry skin. I have to confess which came in handy because I have dry skin and I’m always worried to hydrate at least the most dry parts of my skin (because usually when I wake up I’m always in a rush). I was offered a kit for me to try with a shower gel and a moisturizing milk. I also got a balm to give to friends and family.

Among people I offered the balm was my father. He has very dry skin and sometimes it gets rough on his hands (they are always uncovered and he doesn’t like to use creams very often). He really enjoyed and used it frequently and his skin got smooth and hydrated. The smell of the balm is nice and he didn’t get the feeling of having sticky hands. His hands didn’t look the same! I recommend this balm as an SOS when you have your skin really dry.

What I feel about these products? Both shower gel and moisturizing milk are very good. The skin gets really hydrated during all day. I used the cream in the beginning of the day and at night I still felt my skin hydrated. The cream is not sticky and it dries fast for a fatty cream. I didn’t like that much the smell of the gel, I enjoyed more the cream’s. The shower gel smells like cereals and the cream has a fresh and nice smell.

Both milk and gel really hydrate the skin and I recommend them for who has dry or very dry skin. Of course that they really work well if you use every day but you don’t need to use both every day, or at least with me my skin got hydrated even when I used only one product. The shower gel is good if you don’t have time to put cream all over your body and wait to dry. This gel has an oily texture. Who enjoys using a cream or has that routine can use the milk, the skin gets another gleam. I think you can see that on the pictures of my skin. I’m now a fan but since this brand is expensive I’ll probably only buy the shower gel because I’m lazy to use creams.

The milk last longer than the shower gel. I still have cream to use (after 8 weeks) and the shower gel only lasted 6 weeks.

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Resultados na minha pele /The results on my skin:

Antes/Before (2nd week):

maos2 cotovelo1

Depois/After (8th week):

maos final cotovelo2

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