My participation at the III Congreso Internacional de Turismo Cultural (in Córdoba)

November 2, 2017

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In February I had the amazing opportunity to present a paper of mine in Cordoba for a tourism congress (Congreso Internacional de Turismo Cultural). I was pretty nervous because I was going to speak alone for a public. I travelled alone to Cordoba and I was eggar to get to the congress and meet people.

To get to Cordoba, I had to take a plane to Madrid and after that a train to Cordoba. In the first day I got to Madrid in the morning and I went to Cordoba in the end of the day, which gave me time to explore Madrid. I haven’t been in Madrid, so it was as a nice opportunity for me! In the last day, I still had time to be in Madrid.

The congress was in February 23rd and 24th. I had a presentation about my thesis on the 24th. The first day was very good, not only the presentations were interesting but also I managed to go to Palacio de Viana and to have a walking tour in Cordoba with a guide. I met a group of Portuguese people and it was good to chat with people from other places of your country and to share life experiences. The congress offered a dinner that was well spent next to the group of people I’ve met.

The next day was thrilling for me. I spent time listening to more presentations (including one about Girona – one of the places where Game of Thrones was shot – and the touristic impact in the last year), I had lunch with friends, I went for a bus tour in Cordoba and in the end of the day I had my presentation. I was the last person to speak in the congress so I was very nervous. What made me proud of myself was the fact that I was the only person to speak in English, even though we were in the room for the presentations in English. There was a presentation in Spanish, another in French and I spoke in English about the role promotional touristic videos have in the image of Barcelona as a touristic destination. I hope people enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed speaking for them and answering to the questions.

I even got a book with my paper but you can see the online version here. Unfortunately, some tables have blank parts, I don’t know why (I sent 3 times my file and in my computer everything was fine -.-) but the sum is correct. The article is written in English also 🙂 After the congress I had time to visit the Mezquita Catedral and I even made a video about my experience!


Cordoba Congress (2017)

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