Experiences: My Diving Baptism

December 26, 2015

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This time I’m going to show you a wonderful experience I had this last November. A friend of mine invited me to go with him to a diving baptism. I never thought I’d have an opportunity like this one in my life, but there is a diving school near his house that promotes its courses with these diving baptisms, so people can feel the sensation of diving before making a decision about trying a course. The diving school’s name is Submania and it’s located in Matosinhos.

The diving baptism is made in the morning. Before you enter the pool you learn how to prepare and use the equipment and how to move and communicate underwater. We had 3 instructors, that helped us to prepare the equipment and were all the time underwater taking care of us and taking pictures. I felt very safe because I knew if I had a problem I could go to them. Diving is easier than I thought; we don’t have to move the arms, we only need to move the legs, we don’t feel breathless and after a while we are accustomed to breath only with the mouth.

I leave you the pictures tookby the instructors. I had a lot of fun and for those who love water and swimming this is a nice way to spend a morning. The price of the diving baptism is 15€ and it most be arranged with the diving school, through the contacts available on the website.

Preparing equipment

(Preparing equipment/Preparação do equipamento. Picture by Submania)

Diving baptism 1

(Just me/Eu. Picture by Submania)


(Group picture/Foto de grupo. Picture by Submania)

Me and my friend

(My friend and I/O meu amigo e eu. Picture by Submania)

it's me again

just me

the group

(After leaving the pool/Depois de sairmos da piscina. Pictures by Submania)

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