Discovering Braga: Castle Tower

January 26, 2018

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Yes, Braga had a castle. Nowadays you can visit one of its towers, but the castle is gone. The castle was erected in the 14th century, but it was demolished in 1906 in order to generate space in the city center so we could have new buildings. The castle tower is considered a National monument since 1910. There are some remains of the castle, like the bell tower in Church of Lapa, next to this tower (you can see the remains while climbing to get to the tower’s door).

This tower provides several exhibitions with free entrance througout the year. It’s a good place to visit frequently if you live in Braga and a good place to discover if you’re a tourist. Right now you can see an exhibition called “Era uma vez na cidade” (Once Upon a Time in the City), which tells the evolution of Braga. It’s very good both for the people who live in Braga and for the people who are visiting Braga. I think it’s a very nice idea and I enjoyed it very much, specially because one of the pieces shown was from my hometown: Fafe.

Era Uma Vez na Cidade (Castle Tower – next to Avenida Central, near the tourism office)

Free Entrance

Tuesday to Sunday


Era Uma Vez na Cidade (Once Upon a Time in the City)

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