Photography: Concurso Municipal de Fotografia (contest), Braga, Portugal

April 18, 2018

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I’m passionate about photography. I always have the feeling that I’m an ignorant in the matter, but still I try to take more and more, better and better pictures. I like to communicate, and through photography I can do that. I guess my love for photography also came from the fact that in my childhood my father liked to take a lot of pictures and photographic machines are objects I’m used to see since then at my house.

The title of this post, for those who don’t know Portuguese, is the municipal photography contest. Given this information, you may guess that I participated in that contest. And you guess right. I only managed to participate this year because the schedule to go to the museum to sign up isn’t compatible with working schedules. This year, however, I could go to the museum because that was facilitated to me in my job. I don’t know if next year I’ll be able to sign up again.

Every year the contest has a theme and this year’s was: The Beauty and Ugliness in Braga’s Historic Center. A theme that completely suits me, I’m always critic about how bad the historic center is in certain aspects and as a tour guide I also want to show its beauty. I tried to show in the same picture one beauty thing and one ugly thing, even though it wasn’t always easy. In this contest all participants use the same analogic machine, which was a good challenge for me! It was the first time I used one for a contest and since I couldn’t see the pictures I was excited to see what were the results!

I didn’t win a prize in this contest but one of my pictures appeared in the exhibition placed in Fonte do Ídolo between February and March. That picture is now part of Museu da Imagem own archives. My picture is also part of History, since it’s one of the last ones portraying a house that’s now gone, as you can see below. My picture for the contest on the left and how the same place 4 months later (I took the first picture in December):

















The machine I used and the place where the exhibition was held:


           Some of my favorite pics from the contest:



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