Experiences: Christmas Tree at Shairart, Braga, Portugal

January 24, 2018

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Since I want to become a very good tour guide, I’m taking a small course about tourism, in Braga. The lessons started while I was unemployed, so it was a nice way of staying busy and with my mind set in something. Currently, I have a job but I also consider this course very important for my future and the best part is that I’m enjoying it. In the end of the day, I’m questioning myself, life and I’m opening my mind to approches I wasn’t consedering for me before the course. And this course is full of surprises, as you can see bellow!

The course takes place in Shairart. As you may know from my latest post, there was an art exhibition called Nocturnos de la Ventana, with pieces of art made by the Spanish artist Rafa López. When I started the course, the exhibition was being prepared and we saw the pieces being prepared for the art exhibition. What me and my classmates couldn’t imagine was that we were going to take part on the exhibition with a small role and that we would see the artist before the opening of Nocturnos de la Ventana.

One night we arrived in Shairart, only to find the artist paiting next to us and we were challenged by our teacher to create a piece of art, a small board that would in the end make part of a Christmas Tree painted by Rafa López. We were challenged to draw something related with our childhood, so I remembered the road trips with my parents, my father always with a camera (that generated my passion for photography), the sea, the cinema (I went to see movies with my parents quite often in my childhood), my toys, music (I sing since I was 4 years old and music is part of my childhood, with my grandmother always singing at home and I took violin lessons)…

So, in the end of the class we all have made art and art had become part of us. We had some collective boards (we had all made something in those, creating a collective creation) and our own. Together, we decided how to put them in the wall and the result was very beautiful. It was a very creative and modern Christmas Tree. It made my Christmas even more special!

Christmas Tree

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