Experiences: WPC Campeonato Nacional de Powerlifting

May 8, 2018

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I went to see Campeonato Nacional de Powerlifting last Saturday with my boyfriend. It’s a national competition of powerlifting that took place in Alvarelhos, Trofa, last saturday, 5th May. We went to see a friend, Telma. She started working out stronglifts in 2016 to prepare for these competitions and this was the first one she attended to.

The championship was organized by WPC Portugal in Academia Corpos. It was very fun to watch, even though I didn’t know that it would last for the whole day. I arrived in Alvarelhos at 10 am and I left at 6 pm and 2 groups were still participating in the competition. I didn’t know much about powerlifting but I enjoyed very much to watch people making the exercises and taking pictures of them.

The music they played was very much of my taste and it was a day well spent. I even got to watch 2 world records being made, to my surprise! Gonçalo Pereira, with 54,4kg and in the category Junior 13-15 in deadlifting he raised 150,5 kg and 160kg! The entire room cheered! You can see in the last picture from the album his happy face lifting the 160kg. It was simply amazing! It was one of those days that show you that if you really want you can achieve great things and surpass what you think are your limits.


WPC Campeonato Nacional de Powerlifting, 5/05/2018, Academia Corpos, Alvarelhos, Trofa.

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