Camino de Santiago – my second time doing it

October 27, 2017

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Hello there! Yes, that’s right, I did the camino for the second time! I did Braga-Santiago de Compostela in 6 days, last September. In the last time I did the Camino I went alone. I started alone and finished alone, even though at certain points I walked with other pilgrims. This time it was different from the start. I went with a friend. We started 2, on the 3rd day we were 7 and we went to the cathedral 4 of us together. Like the first time, it was an overwhelming experience and I’m proud of being able to do it and to finish it! It was an unique experience. I believe that every time we do it, it’s different. I have already felt that.

Every day I suffered pain, in both caminos, but this time I didn’t had time to prepare myself to go (you can see here that I had a bad job and one of the reasons I did the Camino was to get rid of my anxiety). In the middle of the Camino I had to buy a new pair of shoes, because mine were to old to use and got holes. The last time I didn’t got blisters. This time, I had them every day. It was harder physically but I also could understand how messed up my mind was. I had 2 anxiety attacks, even though I was doing something that I like and that I was looking forward to.

It was good that this time I got company from the beginning, which was very good for me as a compass of my rhythm. If I were alone, I believe I would walk much slower and probably lose place in the albergue. Even though, I don’t regret making the camino, on the contrary. I got to learn more about the limitations of my body and mind, and how to break them sometimes with faith and hope.

The last day walking was special to me. I was borrowed some shoes, my feet were better that way and I walked faster than before. At the same time, I was eggar to get to Santiago. But I was enjoying the last moments that I was spending on the camino.

I can’t exactly explain with words all the mix of feelings I felt on the way, how the pain at the end of the day is part of my pride, or how it’s difficult to sleep with all the pain but after a couple of hours I’m full awake and ready for a next day walking from one place to another. It’s taking your house with you. All you need is in a backpack and you realise what’s important in life and what’s not. It’s not about things we have, but the people we have relationships with. It’s traveling with your own feet, counting in yourself to reach one place. It’s constantly discovering new landscapes, new roads, new places and new ways of living. And it’s arriving in Compostela with your heart full of joy and pride and already missing the path, the camino.

Camino de Santiago (2017)

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