Camino de Santiago: my backpack (some useful tips)

October 30, 2017

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Everytime I did the camino (you can check my experiences here and here) I had to prepare a backpack to take all the things I needed with the minimum weight possible. For the first time, I took pictures of what I put in the backpack and for my second time doing the camino this year I made a video telling what resulted and not in the first time and what I put on my backpack the second time. You can check the video here:

After doing the camino, I learnt some things from what me and my friends took in our backpacks:

  • If you have space, bring an extra pair of shoes
  • Take a small thermal bag with you for the food. It’s easier to find your food inside the backpack and keeps it fresh
  • The same thing for the water. My bottle was huge and with water weighted a bit but it was worth it
  • If you need to stop in a pharmacy to buy medicine or other stuff, buy more quantity than you need. You may need to use again or to borrom to someone.
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